How to win in roulette

How to win in roulette

The first online roulette was created in June 2005. Online roulette is an interactive game that works specifically in the same way as the standard desktop version. There are two different roulettes: American and European.

The rules of online roulette for are simple and easy to learn. The first step is to place a bet where the player can decide how much to bet and how many numbers. The roulette wheels are then rotated and the small ball is slowly inserted into place of the number on one of the wheels. If the small ball reaches the number bet by the player, the player clearly wins.

Choose a color

It always causes a big dilemma for a person to choose which color they want to play. Since there is an equal chance for both colors, which is slightly less than 50% (because of zero), it essentially doesn’t matter which color you choose. In any case, bet on color, as wherever the ball stops, it will surely land on a colored field.

If a person wins the first round, set aside the amount of their original bet and play with the prize. From now on, you win or lose, the original amount you entered the game will remain with you and you can stop without a loss. If you start with a loss, you may want to consider what amount is no longer worth going under.

Bet on numbers

Numbers 1-18 and 19-36 have about the same chance as red or black. As with colors, it can be talked about an “outside bet” so they offer less risk and a lower multiplier. The numbers are divided into two groups: low (1-18) and high (19-36).

The uniqueness of betting on high or low numbers is that the player can cover the entire set of high (or low) numbers with a single stack. If a player wants to bet on one of them, all they have to do is place their chips on the appropriate segment of the roulette table. The two fields are located at both ends of the outer part.

The house advantage for high and low numbers is the same as all other fields – 5.26% for American roulette, while the European version operates with 2.70%. This advantage can be significantly reduced if the high and low numbers are used by other rules used in roulette, such as “prison”.

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