In this part we’ll deal with the different stages of the tournaments and the different poker strategies to be used in each stage.

-          The early part. In the early part every player has the same amount of chips. In that stage many players, especially in the low entry fee tournaments or the freerolls, tend to go all in whenever they get half decent cards. You need to do just the opposite: play tight and play only your strongest hands. When you bet, bet hard but reasonably. Your objective at this moment is to get to the bubble.

-          The middle part. At this time players have already polarized into big, middle and small stacks. You need to play looser because most players will scratch and squeal to get into the money, and therefore fold more often.  Try to steal and resteal the blinds. Don’t allow the big stacks to push you around. It is time to build your image here, and that will help you in the next stages of the tournament. But be careful not to do something too risky. You still need to survive until enough players fall out of the tournament so you can cash out (bubble).

-          The late part. In this stage there are no middle sized stacks. That defines your online poker strategy. If you were lucky enough to be the big stack- just act so. Steel the blinds and bluff your bad cards. If you have small stack and definitely won’t survive the next round, you have no choice but to push all your money in the pot. When you do, try to have as few players as possible against you for your odds are better against, for example, only one player then against two or more.

-          Bubble. When the number of players reduces to the number of the prize winners, the bubble bursts. Most players start being reckless and playing too loose. You need to tighten up again. That is your chance. If you play your best hands you will be able to get huge amounts of chips from the looser players.

-          The final table. The decisions on the final table are highly circumstantial. You know the players well by now. You can decide whom to bluff and whom to slowplay. And the luck becomes an important factor.

To conclude, the general rule of the MTTs is to play just the opposite than your opponents do. If they get loose you tighten up. If they keep their stack, you go ahead and loosen up.Read also MTT strategy part I and how to win MTT.