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Table positions

To learn always starts with an understanding of table positions and its importance winning the game. Table positions refer to where a player sits with regard to the dealer button. As the game progress, the dealer button moves around and so does the other positions. The position of a player is very important. It can make or break the game. Here are the different table positions and its importance in every game.

The Dealer Position is the most coveted slot in poker games. He or she is the last one to act thus, has the advantage of gathering more information with regard to the hands of other players, unless of course a flop is called.

To the left side of the dealer is the Small Blind Position. The player places the required smaller bet (which is usually half of the big blind bet) to start the game and forced to start in every rounds of the game. This is the worst position in the game however; other players know already his moves before others do.

To the left of the small blind is The Big Blind Position who places the mandatory minimum bet in the game. When the other players call his bet he can now raise the bet to start the round

The Early players are the first three or players seated to the left of the dealer. It includes the small and big blind positions. Playing in this position needs stronger hands as other succeeding players have the advantage of gaining more details relative to the hands.

The Middle Positions are the succeeding three players seated after the early players. Middle position players can have fewer hands than early players. Once the early players folded up, this position gains the early player slot.

The Late Positions are the succeeding players the middle position. It has an advantage of the last to act in the game, thus they gain more observation. This is the best position to bluff.